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Welcome to Ida del Gide's blog!

And to the redesigned website! Let me introduce myself 😊❤️

I am Delia Iorga, the Romanian designer behind Ida del Gide brand. I love life in all its complexity and I express it through colors, shapes, sounds, textures, lights and shadows in my garments. I enjoy painting the human body with fabrics, and my signature is tailored designs with geometrical details, sometimes classical, sometimes crazy, but always embracing the person’s pure beauty.

As a perfectionist, I have spent a lot of time in learning and sewing, so I can produce a very high quality fashion design. I am constantly looking for very good fabrics to satisfy even the most exigent requirements.

A bit of history

Fashion has always been my way of expressing myself, ever since childhood. I still remember making my first dress at the age of 12, while my parents were at work and my mother's amazement became iconic. I inherited the 'gene' of creativity and love towards tailoring from my mother and the devotion towards research, development and innovation from my father. I nurtured the need to follow and grow my passion so much so that I rigorously undertook fashion industry studies, alternating with hundreds of hours of necessary practice.

I started my first fashion design business in my home country, Romania, in 2005, where I designed and produced mainly couture wedding dresses and creations for special occasions. In 2008, I moved to Norway where I opened an atelier under the brand name 'Ida del Gide'. In Norway I interact a lot with casual design for women, men and children, in addition to couture bridal and special occasion creations.

Lately I have started a project in collaboration with medical personnel, dedicated to technical rehabilitation and active wear, a sector that requires endless research in health care and special textile, as well as meticulous testing of fabrics.


My recent proudest moments have been in designing the dresses for Ida Hauan when she won Miss Norway 2022 and participated in Miss Universe 2022.

My invitation and participation in Milano Fashion Week 2023 has also been one on my latest personal highlights.

My mission

My goal is that my garments reach the soul of my customers, so we connect on a very unique level. Let yourself caught in this wonderful world of fashion and come to try at least one of her garments.. you will feel fresh, young, beautiful and always happy.

Happy Holidays!

With less then a week to Christmass and with the year about to close, I wish you all very happy holidays, all the best in the world and I hope to see you again here! 🤗❤️

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