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We are born to be unique but sometimes is so difficult to express our individuality. Some of us use words, others music ..  most of us instead choose to express ourselves by the way we look, and here we come to help …. with fashion design…

If you had to dress up your soul in a single garment, what would it be? A little chaste pink dress for cocktail? A responsible warm winter wool coat? The little black dress, classic but naughty? Something sparkling and precious? Which one fits you best and define you wholly?

Is your room a sanctuary of your clothes? Do you treat your clothes like they were not only dressing your body, but deeper, until they folds your inner soul? Or your room is a storm of colors, full of shiny accessories, lively clothes thrown away in each corner of the room and waiting for you to pick them up? No matter how, please take my word for granted if you don’t know it already:

You are what you wear.

Therefore, you have to be sincere with yourself and dress according to your way. Look around, imagine yourself in a world where you make the rules and pick a dress. May it be red, may it be green, may it be white or purple. Classy or crazy.  It’s so you and you are unique.

Dressing yourself in the fittest garment is not all the time subject of moody fashion, as it is subject of your mood. So, dress yourself in comfy and beautiful garments and you will be beautiful and young forever.


Ida del Gide will always bring you a highest quality product, made with passion and professionalism. Every piece is checked to the smallest detail, then sent to you to fulfill its destiny: to cure you from the grey-ism of this world.

We know how important the price is too, so we work with a fixed rate. This is: 600 kr/working hour, while the consulting/talking is free of charge. When you come to us, you will get an anticipation of time/price according to the product/project you order. We can help you not only designing and sewing your dream garment, but also making a pattern for you for example, and let you sew it – this could be fun for you, if you have a little sewing experience.  

Our studio is located on Kjøpmannsgata 3, second floor, Stjørdal, Norway. In here we do all the design and produce all of our products. Please book an appointment by phone or e-mail before you visit us, as our opening ours are upon the bookings.

Tlf. 48 053 530


Ida del Gide -  soul therapy through clothes

custom design

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