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behind Ida del Gide brand stands the Romanian designer Delia Iorga, who loves life in all its complexity. she likes colors, shapes, sounds, textures, lights and shadows and you can sense all of them through her garments. she likes to paint the human body with fabrics, and her signature will always be tailored designs with geometrical details, sometimes classical, sometimes crazy, but always embracing the person’s pure beauty.

in the beginning, when she started her first company in 2005, she worked only with bridal and special occasions wear (accessories also), but in time, she extended her work, so now she covers all the fashion design domain. being a perfectionist, she spent a lot of time in learning and sewing, so she could produce a very high quality fashion design. she is constantly looking for very good fabrics to satisfy even the most exigent requirements. 


her goal is that her garments reach the soul of her customers, so they connect on a very unique level. she shares herself in every garment that she produces, so that product will embrace the person in a very personal way. as she likes to say: "you are not just buying a dress, you are investing in a timeless garment that will always accompany you and rise you up on your journey through life."


let yourself caught in this wonderful world of fashion and come to try at least one of her garments.. you will feel fresh, young, beautiful and always happy.

STUDIO address:
kjøpmannsgata 3,

stjørdal, 7500






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Ida del Gide is now member of Trondheim Applied Art Association (Trondheim Brukskunstforening). you can find my products in the Galleriet store located at


Vår Frue strete 5

7013 Trondheim, Norway

Monday - Friday 10:00 - 17:00 Saturday: 10:00 - 16:00

Phone : 477 56 213


Right now I took a break and I am just a passive member of this community. When I will become active again, my products will be back in this store. 

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