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- a humanitarian project for all -


We are all responsible for the world around us, but maybe one of the most important responsibility is the way we raise and guide our youngest, because they will shape the future. Sykurs Trøndelag (my sewing courses company) has had, right from the beginning, a huge focus on the new generation. We continuously provide sewing courses and exciting activities, which are meant to encourage the young ones to use their creativity and skills in creating something personal and unique. In time, we gathered a group of very talented teenagers who are passionate sewers and very eager to help.

Then the idea came naturally: why not use this hobby to something really meaningful? Why not help real people with their gifts? And so, this project came to life: CARE, CONNECT, CONTRIBUTE.

What is its purpose?

We want to show a new and very rewarding path to these young people who need to open their eyes and see the world as it is. They should be aware of the suffering around us and take action. Use their hearts and hands to put a smile on a crying face, no matter the age, country, religion. To make the project work, we needed first of all, young people who CARE. Who care about others, and are willing to sacrifice their free time to help. Luckily, we found them.

Then we needed to CONNECT them with those in need. And here we got help from Red Cross Stjørdal (Stjørdal Røde Kors Hjelpekorps). They know best what suffering people really need in those frightful and exhausting moments and they are the link between the victims and our skillful young sewers. We intend to have a long and strong collaboration with them, so we can help as much people as possible.

What can we CONTRIBUTE with? Red Cross gave us a lot of suggestions of products we can sew to help others. For a start, we are going to make cute little teddy bears which are meant to comfort and support children in dreadful situations.

We are in the early phase now, and we start everything local, but we intend to grow and help people around the world with our little hands.

We are constantly looking for new members of our team, so if you are a teenager (between 14- 19 years old), have some sewing experience and you are eager to help others, don`t hesitate to contact us.

A part of the money we earn thru our courses are used on this non-profit humanitarian project, and we hope that more people will find it interesting enough to be a part of it.










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